EDM Utilizes Alicona’s InfiniteFocus Instrument

November 17, 2010

After two years of searching, EDM Department Inc. has chosen the FocusVariation technology, used by Alicona in their InfiniteFocus instrument, to create increased accuracy and precision measurements. This technology enables one to visually see clear and precise angles of a micro-managed component through the use of 3D imagery. Mark Raleigh, CEO of EDM Department Inc., says that EDM is taking “small, independent steps forward; offering our customers what the next generation of product development will demand”. Raleigh explains that tremendous advances have occurred since the implementation of the FocusVariation technology; “Now, we can provide solutions, as well as components…we have appreciated 6-7% improvements in process performances. Surface finishes have improved over 7% under identical resource requirements. All of this is because we can now see and measure what we produce”.

The industry demands this type of pioneering technology and as Raleigh and Brian Kyte communicate in Micro measurement for micro-machining, the exceedingly small measurements of micro-machined components have, in the past, produced substantial challenges for accurate measurement and inspection. “The components to be measured generally have steep slopes, complex geometries, multiple forms, and varying reflective properties. Products of this nature, at this size, can be impossible to measure with tactile systems”. These challenges point to an industry-wide need for new and more effective forms of measurement. Focus-Variation, from Alicona, meets this need by enabling micro-machined components to be traced, retraced, and then displayed in high-resolution results.

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