Combination of Technologies Leads to EDM Success

May 17, 2011

Modern Machine Shop magazine highlighted EDM Department in an article titled EDM, Metrology System Pairing Opens New Doors. The article complimented the company’s inventive use of technologies and ability to evolve to meet industry demands. For precision mold makers, gaining a competitive edge in today’s industry is essential for survival. Customer demands for smaller and more complex applications are increasing and manufactures must meet these demands in order to satisfy customers and sustain business. Manufactures are pressured to meet tighter tolerances, and strict surface requirements.

EDM Department is one company that has not only survived in this changing industry but thrived. As described in Modern Machine Shop, “Uniting a high-precision EDAC1 ram EDM from Makino with the Infinite Focus optical 3D metrology system from Alicona Imaging has enabled the company [EDM] to reach levels of accuracy and repeatability that outclass anything it had previously achieved.” The combination of these two technologies allows EDM to experience extreme accuracy and stability, from the EDAC1, in conjunction with millions of clearly displayed visual measurements, from the Infinite Focus.

This results in increased productivity, reproducibility, and profitability for the company. EDM Department CEO Mark Raleigh notes, “Although the ram EDM and the 3D optical metrology system each offer benefits of their own, the most significant improvements at EDM Department stem from pairing these two technologies.” The creation and development of these types of technological advances has helped EDM prosper and have high aspirations for the future. “We have a bright future ahead of us with a whole new list of clientele that didn’t exist before, and we have these two technologies to thank for that,” said Raleigh. Even with the recent innovation and success, EDM vows not to remain stagnant in the manufacturing world. To quote Modern Machine Shop, “Looking to the future, the company hopes to push for even tighter tolerances and accuracies.”

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