CEO Mark Raleigh Highlighted in InfiniteFocus Magazine

January 14, 2012

InfiniteFocus Magazine, produced by Alicona, interviewed EDM Department’s CEO, Mark Raleigh, about his firsthand experience with InfiniteFocus. In an article titled: Mark Raleigh Serves a Full Menu of Measurement, Raleigh is quoted repeatedly while he describes the multifaceted advantages experienced as a result of the implementation of InfiniteFocus technology at EDM Department Inc.

The article begins with Raleigh articulating seven specific selling propositions. He presented the following advantages: simplified complaint processing, optimization of production, an influx of new customers, increased innovation, faster product development, enhanced quality assurance and maximum profits for the company. The article continues as it dictates the ineffectiveness of traditional tactile methods in dealing with components below 100μm. Authors argue that as the size of components decrease, so does the probability of accurate and complete measurements. With the use of InfiniteFocus, EDM Department is able to start measuring where other techniques have already reached their limits. Raleigh discusses the in-depth the measurements EDM generates with Infinite Focus as he explains that measuring possibilities have expanded to include: form and roughness, flanks with more than 80 degrees, all sizes of radii and angles, complete form measurement as well as the ability inspect surfaces with a variety of different characteristics. Raleigh sums up these new and improved measurement capabilities stating, “Since we have integrated InfiniteFocus in our manufacturing process we know about details I have never measured or even seen before.”

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