EDM Department Forms Joint Venture with Alicona Imaging

November 15, 2013

EDM Department Inc., a corporation focused on the advanced development of flexible manufacturing, recently announced it will embark on a joint venture with Austrian based Alicona Imaging GmbH. This joint venture, referred to as Alicona Manufacturing, is transpiring with the intent of formulating and developing solutions to help meet the ever increasing demands of the manufacturing industry. Within the manufacturing industry, customer requests for projects requiring micro and nano components have dramatically increased in recent years. For manufacturers, this rise in requests has created a need for new technology that will enable optimum production of micro components. Alicona Manufacturing hopes to develop this technology.

As one will read on the Alicona Imaging website, Alicona manufactures optical 3D surface metrology equipment. The instruments capture the micro-geometry of complex parts on a sub-micrometer level and make it possible to measure surface characterization parameters. EDM Department Inc. has already implemented this state-of-the-art imaging technology into its production site and experienced a multitude of benefits as a result. Upon integration, EDM has seen extreme precision and accuracy in component measurement and evaluation, greater customer service ability, as well as profitability for the company. With so many benefits already experienced, EDM hopes to develop this technology further through the venture.

The Alicona Manufacturing venture will attempt to combine the production expertise presented by EDM Department and the technological expertise of Alicona Imaging GmbH to further develop and create integrated high resolution optical measurement solutions for manufacturing. These developments will in-turn benefit both producers and consumers within the industry. In reflection upon the successes already experienced through the implementation of Alicona Imaging technology at EDM, the possibilities of the Alicona Manufacturing venture appear endless.

To download the official EDM Department Inc. press release click here.