Demonstration at Makino Conference

December 27, 2013

Senior Editor Larry Adams’ article Good Metrology Balances Tolerance Budgets, originally featured in MICROmanufacturing magazine’s November/December 2013 issue, recalled EDM CEO Mark Raleigh’s demonstration at the Makino conference.

Makino Inc., a milling machine and EDM builder, hosted a micromachining conference on September 10, 2013 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. At the conference, Makino not only displayed new equipment for micromachining but also provided information regarding metrology equipment the company uses in its own manufacturing process. John Bradford, Makino’s micromachining R&D team leader, explained that Makino utilizes Alicona’s InfiniteFocus 3-D measurement system to quantify processes at the submicron and nanometer level. According to Brad Etter, US sales manager for Alicona, the InfiniteFocus “combines the ability to characterize surface roughness and form measurement using the same instrument.” EDM Department utilizes this equipment in its own version of closed-loop manufacturing, as demonstrated by Raleigh at the conference. During the demonstration Raleigh showcased the InfiniteFocus technology, specifically the IF-SensorR25, in combination with a sinker from Makino. Adams explains that the sensor inspected electrodes at the event but proves the capability to inspect parts on the machine itself. This ability to examine parts in-situ allows for increased accuracy as verification of parts no longer requires transfer from one machine to another. With this technology EDM Department can optically inspect form, surface, and position of parts all in one process. Raleigh explains that this system is highly advantageous and users can expect to reap benefits such as: reduced cycle time, increased accuracy, and elimination of clamping errors.

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