CLM Technology

May 8, 2014

Bartlett, IL – EDM Department is proud to announce we now offer CLM services based upon the technology developed by Alicona Manufacturing. Alicona Manufacturing’s CLM machine is composed of a Makino machining center and an integrated optical 3D measurement sensor from Alicona. This technology allows miniaturized EDM components with complex geometries to be manufactured using continuous high resolution measurements for inspection. High measurement speed in conjunction with high vertical resolution enables machine to machine communication while measurements of form, position, and surface finish ensure quality and adherence to various tolerances. Mark Raleigh and Dr. Stefan Scherer, Co-CEOs of Alicona Manufacturing, agree that enabling self-controlled production through this pioneering technology will present worldwide users with a multitude of benefits. A few of the benefits include: up to a fourfold increase in machining accuracy; elimination of clamping errors; automated quality assurance; 25% resource savings; a more efficient deployment of personnel and shorter lead times at a better output ratio. Mark Raleigh is confident about this revolutionary processing method as he explains, “The integrated measurement sensor verifies what the machine is currently doing. As a result, the production accuracy is increased while adverse effects of the environment are reduced.” Through the utilization of CLM, EDM Department can offer customers automated quality assurance, shorter lead times at a better output ratio and elimination of clamping errors.