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Multiple EDM Services to Meet Your Exact Needs

As a company committed to quality, EDM Department Inc. is able to work with customers throughout the country to engineer, develop and manufacture some of the most cutting edge products within the electrical discharge machining industry. EDM Department is committed to quality and typically works on projects requiring military specifications with tolerances as low as 1 micron and surface finishes as low as 4Ra µin (micro inch). Contact Us today to discuss your unique project and learn how we can meet your requirements.


Whether it's product development or process refinement, we have 18 potential process refinements available for application on your next project. From surface finish to lead-times, documented designs of experiments can be utilized to improve all concerning aspects of your project.

Research and Development is a pivotal dimension of EDM Department. To ensure product development, we offer both Modern and Traditional Design of Experiments, as well as allow for the introduction of reverse engineering in any stage of a product's life. With our technology, we can take 3D scans of your first working prototypes and modify original designs in adherence with what actually works; this approach can be applied at resolutions below ten microns.

Whether it's one-off R&D prototypes, low volume, high mix or contract manufacturing of full production quantities, EDM Department Inc. has the manufacturing services and expertise required to offer our customers consistent, high quality, precision components at globally competitive costs and lead times.

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  • Standard and micro Wire EDM with wire sizes from 0.0120" (300µm) down to as small as 0.0008" (20µm) in diameter.
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  • Standard and micro Sinker EDM with feature sizes and through holes as small as 0.0015" (40µm).
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  • Micro milling with tight tolerances of 0.0001" (2-3µm) & finishes down to 8Ra µin in tool steels, stainless, copper alloys, and
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  • Laser ablation machining allows manufacturing of parts using extremely hard materials like diamond and carbide.
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  • Rapid prototyping using flexible manufacturing processes like laser, EDM and milling to create 3D prototypes that can easily scale into
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  • Micro Manufacturing of metal components and molded plastic parts with feature sizes as small as 0.0015" (40μm) and tolerances down
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