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CEO Mark Raleigh-Guest Presenter at Makino Conference

September 10, 2013
Mark Raleigh, founder and CEO of EDM Department Inc., was recently selected as one of six esteemed guest presenters at Makino’s Micromachining Conference. Makino, a world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, hosted the conference in Auburn Hills, MI on [read more...]

EDM Possesses Solution to Micro-EDMing Challenges

April 15, 2013
Micro Manufacturing’s Kip Hanson recently interviewed Mark Raleigh, CEO of EDM Department, in an attempt to understand EDM Department’s strategy behind its successful micro-EDMing. As Hanson explains, one of the major challenges in micro-EDMing is determining what electrode material to [read more...]

CEO Mark Raleigh Highlighted in InfiniteFocus Magazine

January 14, 2012
InfiniteFocus Magazine, produced by Alicona, interviewed EDM Department’s CEO, Mark Raleigh, about his firsthand experience with InfiniteFocus. In an article titled: Mark Raleigh Serves a Full Menu of Measurement, Raleigh is quoted repeatedly while he describes the multifaceted advantages experienced [read more...]

Combination of Technologies Leads to EDM Success

May 17, 2011
Modern Machine Shop magazine highlighted EDM Department in an article titled EDM, Metrology System Pairing Opens New Doors. The article complimented the company’s inventive use of technologies and ability to evolve to meet industry demands. For precision mold makers, gaining [read more...]

EDM Utilizes Alicona’s InfiniteFocus Instrument

November 17, 2010
After two years of searching, EDM Department Inc. has chosen the FocusVariation technology, used by Alicona in their InfiniteFocus instrument, to create increased accuracy and precision measurements. This technology enables one to visually see clear and precise angles of a [read more...]

Infinite Possibilities

September 24, 2010
Competitive Moldmaker Magazine has featured EDM Department Inc. in their October issue (Volume 16, Number 1) Infinite Possibilities in a Finite World

Cam Automation

March 30, 2010
EDM Department Inc. has been featured in Machinery: The Magazine For Production Engineers CAM Automation