FANUC Features EDMIS 5-Axis Metrology Center

December 1, 2020
FANUC Features EDMIS 5-Axis Metrology Center

FANUC recently featured our new 5-Axis Metrology Center in an article you can read here. Below is an excerpt from their article:

EDM Intelligent Solutions’ (EDMIS) customers needed an improved non-contact inspection system that would have greater functionality and increased ease of use. To meet this need, EDMIS developed a 5-axis automated 3D metrology center, the MVi5, which uses non-contact sensors to capture measurements and determine surface finish in the specified Ra, or the measurement of the surface’s average absolute deviation from its mean height. Additional surface finish metrics like Rq, Rt, Rz, Rmax and Sa parameters are also available.

When a workpiece is loaded into the MVi5, the system captures 3D point data of the part and generates automated form, roughness and dimensional measurements. The part’s datums are also captured and used to produce measurements in the part coordinate system which allows for 3D and 2D true position measurements of the part. Advanced 3D metrology sensors featuring measurement speeds of up to ≤ 1.7 million points per second and high-resolutions of 10nm allow the MVi5 to measure form, distance, height, surface roughness, true position, scan vs. CAD model differences and scan vs. scan differences all in one rugged multi-sensor platform that is ready to be installed directly on the manufacturing production floor.

Using the EDMISi measurement programming environment, customized 3D model-based measurement and inspection programs are automatically generated off the 3D solid model design of the part to be inspected, simplifying traditionally complex programming of measurement and inspection tasks. Offline measurement and inspection programming is also offered through integration with various CAD/CAM software packages common within industry.

Click here to read the full article. If you would like to learn more, visit our 3D Metrology Centers page or contact us today.


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