3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement



Surface Roughness Testing Lab

In addition to our Form and Difference Measurement solutions, we offer non-contact, high-resolution profile and area-based surface finish measurement of surfaces down to 1.2 µinches. Our surface roughness tester, 3D surface profiler technology is capable of measuring the surface roughness, surface finish, surface profile, and surface texture of almost any material, including metals, ceramics, and plastics.

The surface roughness testing lab at EDM Intelligent Solutions offers both contract inspection and on-demand surface roughness measurement methods to support OEM customers and manufacturing service providers within the major Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical and Scientific industries.

High-Resolution Surface Metrology Scan of a Rough Surface

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement

Surface Roughness Measurement Profile of Same Surface

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement


Profile roughness measurements allow for measurement of both roughness and waviness along an extracted profile to measure roughness values including Ra, Rq, Rz, and many others.

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement


Area-based roughness measurements characterize the surface texture of an entire area through the use of surface texture parameters (Sa, Sq, Sz) and bearing area curve parameters (Sk, Spk, Svk).

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement
3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement


Through the use of advanced form removal algorithms, roughness parameters can be extracted on complex surfaces including radii, threads, spherical surfaces, and other surfaces with underlying form. This technology allows EDM 3D Metrology Services to measure roughness on complex parts that are otherwise not measurable using traditional surface roughness measurement methods.

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement

What is Surface Roughness?

Surface roughness itself is defined as the frequency of peaks and valleys in the base material of a surface. In machined parts, the surfaces are composed of complex shapes made of a series of peaks and valleys of widely varying heights, depths, and spacing. The surface roughness is affected by the asperities of that surface. Surface texture measurement is a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of any manufacturing project.


What is Surface Roughness Measurement?

Surface Roughness Measurement both characterizes and quantifies a surface. Surface finish callouts are typically listed as requirements on engineering drawings along with the other dimensions and tolerances of a part. These surface roughness measurement values are calculated using a surface roughness tester, called a 3D surface profilometer, and are expressed as a single numeric parameter, Ra, if the calculation involves calculating the roughness of a part’s linear profile or Sa if it involves the roughness of a parts full surface area.


Visit our Surface Roughness Measurement Applications page to see examples of Surface Roughness Measurement projects we have performed.

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