Our Responsibility / Mission

Passion for Manufacturing and Metrology

The team at EDM Intelligent Solutions prides itself for being a manufacturing and metrology partner to OEM and research and development customers within the major Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical and Scientific industries across the United States and the world. Our passion and experience in developing flexible manufacturing processes and unique metrology solutions is reflected in the ultra-precision machined components and advanced metrology systems that we produce.

Our responsibility to foster our customers’ continued inspiration and trust is engrained in everything we do. This trust has always been and will always be one of the biggest drivers for our continued growth.


Meet Customer Needs

We work tirelessly to meet the needs of our customers and to maintain customer satisfaction and happiness. To help meet customer needs, we offer assistance in the identification of individual project challenges and priorities. We also look for opportunities where we can apply new technologies and processes to reduce cost.


Optimize Resources

Our success comes from the ability to provide an environment where both individual and group performance can excel. In order to maintain established relationships with service partners, we regularly post bulletins. We utilize our machine resources as machining capacity is continuously monitored and schedules are adjusted when necessary to reduce cost and/or lead time.



Project requirements are identified and recorded. Projects are then systematically tracked by an autonomous management system. Results are closely monitored and modifications to the process are made when necessary to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Our Commitment to Education

EDM Intelligent Solutions believes in a strong education for all our employees. Locally, we support our educational institutions by employing STEM program students as summer and year-round interns. These students follow a cohesive curriculum that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in real-world applications. In addition to our high school interns, we hire promising college and university students from around the region. Currently, we have employees attending Northern Illinois, Purdue, and the University of Illinois. Many of these students will join our team full-time upon graduation.