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Precision Grinding not only supports our electrical discharge machining processes like Wire EDM and Sinker EDM, it is also offered as a stand-alone service to our customers in a wide range of industries. Our tight tolerance form grinding and surface grinding machines are capable of producing extremely accurate dimensions through the process of removing microns of material at a time. Advanced construction ensures consistent cutting performance and production of quality components.


In the precision grinding process a rotating abrasive wheel is used to smooth the surface of a workpiece which is typically a flat plane. Parts made of ceramic, metal or plastic materials are well suited to this process which produces and extremely smooth and flat surface by removing a very thin layer of the material with each pass of the abrasive wheel. The grinding machine is built around a motorized spindle holding an abrasive wheel. Below it sits a workholding device, normally a magnetic chuck. The chuck holds the workpiece in a static location while it is being worked on. The abrasive grinding wheel is then passed over the surface of the workpiece while being lowered closer and closer to the workpiece with each pass. This extremely controlled adjustment of the amount of material cut with each pass allows for tight tolerances to be achieved. To produce highly accurate forms in the workpiece, the abrasive wheel can be easily shaped through a process known as wheel dressing.

Precision Grinding Manufacturing Company


Extremely flat and tight tolerance features are easily produced using Precision Grinding. Each pass of the abrasive grinding wheel removes just a few microns of material at a time from the surface of the workpieces. EDM Intelligent Solutions has decades of experience using this ultra-precision grinding technique to compliment our electrical discharge machining processes. This highly accurate material removal process allows for the manufacturing of both extremely small and fragile parts, as well as the use of extremely hard materials like tool steels and carbide. Tight form tolerances of 0.0001″ (2 micron) and stack laminate grinding tolerances below 1 micron are are common for our grinding applications.



  • Advanced Precision Surface and Form Grinders built for efficient operation
  • Abrasive grinding wheels made from numerous materials are available
  • Hundreds a wheel styles and sizes are available
  • Custom shaped wheels can be made through wheel dressing
  • Workpieces up to 8″ thick easily fit on our grinding machines
  • High precision form tolerances of 0.0001″ (2 microns)
  • Ultra precision stack laminate tolerances of 0.00002″ (0.5 microns)
  • Fine surface finishes down to 6-8Ra µin (micro inch) eliminate finishing and require no additional polishing
  • Fast machining speeds with consistent machining quality
  • Material removal rate is controlled at the micron scale
  • Small quantities of 1-50+ pieces
  • Contract Manufacturing of full production quantities of thousands of pieces


Through strategic sourcing partnerships with a vast array of qualified material suppliers nationwide, we can manufacture your components from the exact materials that you require. Strict quality standards are met by all vendors and material suppliers to EDM Intelligent Solutions to ensure that the components we produce can meet the highest standards commonly required by the Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical and Scientific industries.


Precision Grinding Compatible Materials

EDM Intelligent Solutions has completed thousands of Precision Grinding projects using a diverse set of materials including those listed below. Don’t see your specific material on the list? Contact us to determine if that material can be cut using Micromilling Machining and how EDMIS can source that material for you.

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Exotic Metals
  • Molybdenum
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Tool Steels
  • A-2, A-5, A-6, A-8
  • D-2, D-3, D-5
  • DC-53
  • H-11, H-12, H-13, H-19
  • L-6
  • M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, M-42
  • O-1, O-6
  • S-1, S-7
  • T-1


For the past 25 years, corporations, laboratories, and universities across the country have been utilizing our precision form and stack laminate grinding capabilities. With such a vast array of electrical discharge machining options to supplement our grinding capabilities, we’ve produced thousands of components in a multitude of industries. Research and Development projects needing only one or two pieces are common but the quantities of parts being completed can easily be scaled up to meet the high volumes required by some of our largest customers.

This is just a small sample of all the types of components that EDM Intelligent Solutions has manufactured using our advanced Precision Grinding processes. There really aren’t many types of parts that EDMIS has not worked on in some form over the last 25 years serving these industries. No project is too big or part too complex or tolerance too tight for EDM Intelligent Solutions which makes us the preferred partner for OEM manufacturers nationwide. To learn more about how EDMIS can help you contact our manufacturing team with your request for quote.


Sample Precision Grinding Applications

Competitive Precision Grinding Solutions

Over the past 25 years, we’ve completed thousands of Precision Grinding projects. What differentiates EDM Intelligent Solutions manufacturing services from the competition is our ability to not only hold micron tolerances but to do so while still offering globally competitive pricing and lead times. Utilizing our vast knowledge of Precision Grinding techniques and decades of industry experience, we are confident that we can produce your most challenging components to your exact specifications. To learn more about how EDMIS can help you contact our manufacturing team with your request for quote.


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