Metrology System Capabilities

Automated Optical Inspection Systems for Numerous Measurement Applications

The metrology systems produced by EDM Intelligent Solutions feature measurement functionality that allows for quick and simple dimensional inspection, comparison to nominal 3D CAD models, surface roughness measurement, and automated defect detection.


Dimensional and Difference Measurement, GD&T

Form Measurement uses high resolution 3D scans of a part captured with any EDMIS metrology system and cuts profiles across the resulting 3D data set to measure the included points and gather various form measurements including radii, angles, slot width, height step, etc.…

Difference Measurement compares the 3D scans containing millions of data points captured on the part’s surface and overlays them on top of the nominal 3D CAD models to quickly compare the physical part to the model. Dimensional accuracy of the entire part, or a specific feature is fast and displayed in an easy to understand color map where sections of the scan shown in green are in tolerance, and sections shown in red are out of tolerance.

Form Measurement With GD&T

3D Measurement Feature Extraction

3D Difference Measurement

3D Difference Model Stamped Clip

Surface Roughness and Surface Finish Measurement

Surface Roughness Measurement utilizes non-contact, high-resolution 3D scan data to calculate both profile (Ra) and area-based (Sa) roughness measurements of surfaces as fine as 1.2 µinches Ra. The high resolution 3D inspection systems from EDMIS are capable of measuring the surface roughness of almost any material, including metals, ceramics, and plastics.

Abrasive Beauty Tool Roughness Measurement

Visual Detection of Defects, Surface Flaws and Cosmetic Blemishes

Defect Detection combines high resolution 3D imaging with smart algorithms built into each metrology system from EDM Intelligent Solutions to allow for the automated detection of defects in critical surfaces. Blisters, broken edges, cracks, delamination, dings, handling damage, lack of material, material deficiencies, missing pieces, packaging issues, pits, porosity and scratches are just a few of the types of defects that can be found.

Other defect detection systems on the market utilize traditional 2D cameras, pixel interpretation and complex lighting configurations to take a “guess” at which pixels are considered defects. The 3D metrology systems from EDMIS utilize true 3D data points, having an XYZ location in space and a physical size to actually measure the defect, eliminating the guesswork. And lighting is no issue since our sensors feature fully integrated internal light sources that do not need to be fixtured or setup again for each different part that is inspected. The ability to measure each defect allows the user to easily set defect size thresholds that filter out “acceptable” defects from those that are too large and out of tolerance.

True optical surface finish and surface roughness measurement capabilities allow the defect detection systems from EDMIS to also differentiate difficult to identify surface flaws from the surrounding native surface roughness of the component’s surface. Utilizing the robust CNC controlled motion system of the MVi5 3D Metrology System or the versatile 6-Axis robot integrated within the RSH-M10 Robotic Metrology System, inspection of organic freeform surfaces along with convex, concave and flat surfaces for defects is easily achieved with simple model-based 3D inspection programming and integrated collision avoidance and detection.

Many of the components that our customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical and Scientific industries produce require specific surface qualities that serve both cosmetic and functional purposes. In terms of the look and feel of a component, a pristine surface that is free of blemishes and other defects promotes the overall quality of the component and how it is perceived by the end user. In components that comprise critical assemblies like jet engines and surgical implants, having quality functional surfaces that are free from defects is key to ensure performance and reliability of the product.

Multifunction Automated Metrology Systems for Production and Prototyping

Want to learn more about how an automated optical inspection system or an automated defect detection system from EDM Intelligent Solutions can help to solve your toughest dimensional measurement, surface roughness inspection and/or flaw detection challenge? Speak with a 3D metrology and defect detection specialist today or send us a message describing your application and we will reply to you with an intelligent solution.

Competitive 3D Metrology Systems and Solutions

Creating intelligent solutions for manufacturing and measurement challenges is what we do. Over the past 25 years, we’ve completed thousands of measurement and metrology projects. What differentiates EDM Intelligent Solutions 3D Metrology Systems from the competition is our team’s unique understanding of how our systems can be applied to almost every manufacturing process. The EDMIS team of metrology technicians and applications engineers support their colleagues in our tight tolerance CNC machine shop that produces ultra-precision components for customers every day. Harnessing this unique relationship with manufacturing, our metrology team has the experience needed to fully assist our customers integrate EDMIS metrology systems within their manufacturing processes to leverage 3D measurements to improve both their manufacturing processes and products. We are confident that we have a system that can measure your most challenging components and we are ready to work with you to fully understand your metrology needs. To learn more about how EDMIS can help you, contact our metrology systems team with your request for quote.