Metrology System Software

EDMISi Manufacturing Intelligence Software Interface

Each metrology system produced by EDM Intelligent Solutions features our EDMISi Manufacturing Intelligence software interface that gives users one application that is used to manage measurement programs, run programs, and configure the system parameters. Optional expansion modules include the EDMISi Foundation Programming Environment, Virtual Machine Interface, Collision Detection and Collision Avoidance.

EDMISi Production Run Interface

An optimized graphical interface used to quickly select inspection programs automatically by part number, barcode, RFID, etc. Displays current program completion progress, current program line with M-code and G-code, and other custom user factors defined by Engineering during program development.

EDMISi Foundation Programming Environment

A 3D model-based scanning motion routine programming environment featuring “One-Click Programming” to reduce the time needed for generation of metrology system motion programs to scan and capture 3D data of workpieces.

EDMISi Automatic Label Verification Module

A software module used to automatically “read” text that is present on a part and then validate and/or verify that text against a string of text defined by the operator during program creation.

EDMISi True Position Adaptive Hole Correction Module

A software module used to evaluate the true position of round holes and generate corrected machine offset files to drill the next iteration of holes.

EDMISi Cooling Hole Programming Module

A 3D model-based scanning motion routine programming environment tailored for cooling holes. Includes automated cooling hole feature recognition (requires nominal .STP files) and automatic view optimization.

EDMISi 3D Scan Dataset Processor

Features advanced algorithms optimized for the alignment, merging, and meshing of 3D datasets from multiple sensor technologies incorporating various 3D data formats.

EDMISi Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) with Collision Detection


Features a 3D digital twin of the metrology system that allows motion programs to be run virtually and checked for collisions before they are run on the physical metrology system.

EDMISi Low Resolution Model Generation Module

A software module to automatically capture a low-resolution space claim model of a part loaded into the metrology system which can then be utilized to automatically create a 3D model-based scanning motion routine using the EDMISi Foundation Programming Environment. Used to support legacy parts and those without nominal CAD models.

EDMISi 3D Print Adaptive Correction Module

A software module used to evaluate 3D printed parts, compare them to their nominal CAD model, and generate a corrected STL file to improve the accuracy of the next 3D print.

EDMISi Inspection Viewer Module

A graphical database of measurements, and 3D point clouds. Used to manage measurements and 3D data captured using the metrology system. Includes a 3D model viewer capable of visualizing multiple 3D datasets from the same workpiece at one time, using the workpiece coordinate system. Allows for easy viewing of 3D data captured on multiple sides of a workpiece.

Competitive 3D Metrology Systems and Solutions

Creating intelligent solutions for manufacturing and measurement challenges is what we do. Over the past 25 years, we’ve completed thousands of measurement and metrology projects. What differentiates EDM Intelligent Solutions 3D Metrology Systems from the competition is our team’s unique understanding of how our systems can be applied to almost every manufacturing process. The EDMIS team of metrology technicians and applications engineers support their colleagues in our tight tolerance CNC machine shop that produces ultra-precision components for customers every day. Harnessing this unique relationship with manufacturing, our metrology team has the experience needed to fully assist our customers integrate EDMIS metrology systems within their manufacturing processes to leverage 3D measurements to improve both their manufacturing processes and products. We are confident that we have a system that can measure your most challenging components and we are ready to work with you to fully understand your metrology needs. To learn more about how EDMIS can help you, contact our metrology systems team with your request for quote.