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Manufacturing and Metrology

EDM Intelligent Solutions provides contract manufacturing services, on demand 3D metrology services, and unique automated 3D metrology systems.

Contract Manufacturing

The contract manufacturing group at EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) is renowned for precision electrical discharge machining (EDM). Utilizing industry leading CNC controlled EDM machinery and technologies, we produce high-quality products with fine details and tolerances as tight as 1 micron. Our expertise in enhanced machining parameters creates components with advanced surface finishes and extremely tight positional accuracies. EDMIS is the source for all contract EDM manufacturing services including Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, EDM Hole Drilling and Laser Ablation.

3D Metrology Systems

The systems group at EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) offers automated dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement solutions including industrial 3D metrology centers and robotic metrology systems for in-line and near-line production measurement applications. Our CNC based inspection machinery provide innovative solutions for engineering process development and automated quality monitoring of manufacturing and production processes.

3D Metrology Services

The metrology group at EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) provides in-depth, non-contact 3D dimensional metrology and inspection services for parts of almost any shape and size. 3D measurement of form, surface roughness and comparison to nominal CAD models allow us to provide our clients with advanced GD&T inspection services and enhanced 3D roughness parameters for even the most complex components.

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