What We Do

Engineer. Develop. Manufacture.

As our name suggests, EDM Department specializes in EDM machining, both Sinker EDM and Wire EDM. Supplemental to our EDM processes, we offer precision grinding, micro milling, 3D metrology services, and finally automated manufacturing, industrial metrology and inspection solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense and Medical industries.

Machining & Manufacturing

EDM Department Inc is a manufacturing firm renowned for precision EDM machining and engineering capabilities. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process produces high-quality products with tolerances as tight as 0.00004" (1 micron), almost 50 times smaller than the width of the human hair, allowing us to meet the tight tolerances required for a multitude of applications. We are your source for all electrical discharge machining (EDM) services.

EDM Intelligent Solutions

EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) offers multidimensional automation solutions including machine tool manufacturing intelligence software, in-line and near-line industrial metrology and inspection, robotic machine tending and pick and place systems, and solutions for automated manufacturing and quality monitoring of production processes.

3D Metrology Services

EDM 3D Metrology Services provides in-depth, non-contact 3D metrology and inspection of almost any shape, size, form and surface roughness to a diverse set of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical and Mold Tool and Die.

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