3D Metrology Difference Measurement

3D Metrology – Difference Measurement

October 4, 2019
Our 3D Metrology solutions utilize automated comparisons of high-resolution 3D part scans against the original CAD model, as well as additional 3D scanning services for quick and accurate difference measurements. We use 3D scans containing millions of data points to capture [read more...]
3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement

3D Metrology Surface Roughness Measurement

September 27, 2019
Our 3D Metrology services provide in-depth, non-contact 3D measurement and inspection of almost any shape, size, form and surface roughness to a diverse set of industries including aerospace, automotive and mold tool and die. Our 3D Metrology Services group is [read more...]
Automated Metrology Systems

Automated Metrology Systems

September 13, 2019
We’re proud to offer our Stand Alone Automated Measurement (SAAM) solution for applications that require the highest level of inspection detail, all while maintaining ease of use that allows everyone on your production floor to operate it safely and efficiently. [read more...]
Custom Medical Devices, Tools & Components

Custom Medical Devices, Tools and Components

August 30, 2019
As a company committed to quality, we work alongside the leading medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the country to engineer, develop and manufacture some of the most cutting-edge products within the industry. Over the past 20 years, we’ve produced hundreds [read more...]
Railroad Track & Rail Inspection

Railroad Track & Rail Inspection

August 9, 2019
Increasing demand for fully traceable and automated inspection of railroad track and rail due to increases in the running speeds of railway lines has meant that railway operators and maintenance providers need measurement solutions tailored to their industry. EDMIS offers [read more...]
Turbine Engine Fast Hole EDM Drilling


August 6, 2019
EDM Manufacturing Intelligence and Advanced Metrology Expertise Creates High-Quality Cooling Holes EDM Department offers advanced capabilities for EDM drilling of cooling holes in various Aero-Engine and Gas Turbine Engine components. 5-axis high speed, fast-hole drilling machines matched with customized advanced metrology equipment [read more...]


July 19, 2019
As the spread of 3D printing and other additive manufacturing processes grows, the need for tailored measurement and inspection systems is rising. Our automated and robotic metrology systems are well suited for inspection of almost any shape that can be [read more...]
3D Metrology Cutting Tool Inspection

3D Metrology Cutting Tool Inspection

July 11, 2019
Our 3D Metrology solutions combine high precision rotation devices with 3D scanning sensor technology, allowing for capture of full 360° 3D scans of even the smallest cutting tools. Form measurements can then be extracted from these 3D cutter scans for [read more...]
Flaw Detection for MEMS Devices

EDM Department Flaw Detection – MEMS Devices

July 5, 2019
Microelectromechanical systems, also know as MEMS, is the technology of microscopic devices, particularly those with moving parts. At EDM Department we offer flaw detection in the manufacturing of MEMS devices. Stains, fingerprints and dings can be identified with our state [read more...]