Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for 3D Metrology

February 8, 2021
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for 3D Metrology

The 3D Automated Optical Inspection Systems from EDM Intelligent Solutions use high-resolution 3D data from captured images which are processed and then compared with images from a “golden” master part or the nominal model of the subject being inspected. These AOI systems may be comprised of multiple types of imaging sensors to gather and process the required data to provide accurate and repeatable results. The full scale and effective integration of software, hardware, lighting, and motion control is what sets apart the best AOI systems.



EDMIS provides industrial 3D Metrological AOI systems that provide users with data that was previously not visible or not able to be captured using an automated process. No longer are these AOI systems only utilized for the evaluation of missing components. Modern systems can measure dimensional data, form, and roughness as well. Due to these evolving capabilities, AOI systems will also begin to act as aids in process improvements related to manufacturing tasks being utilized to manufacture products.

Our AOI systems are not centered around a specific part. New parts can be easily programmed online using our 3D model-based programming environment. Holding the part for inspection is quick and easy using the integrated quick-change work holding chucks. The simple EDMISi user interface on our AOI systems allows users to process many different components using unique inspection programs all contained within the same system. Offline programming and data measurement is also made possible using remote connections to the AOI system. EDMIS incorporates industrial-grade components into each AOI system to support uninterrupted manufacturing processes and to assure system stability over long periods of time.

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