3D Metrology - Medical Component - Flatness Evaluation

3D Metrology – Medical Component – Flatness Evaluation

September 8, 2020
EDM 3D Metrology Services provides high-resolution 3D measurement and inspection of numerous components found in medical instruments and implant assemblies. Having completed hundreds of projects for the medical and pharmaceutical industries for the last 20 years, we’ve learned the importance [read more...]
What is 3D Metrology?

What is 3D Metrology?

August 11, 2020
3D Metrology is the scientific study of physical measurements. It is used for measuring length, distance, height, by the acquisition of surface points of an object providing infinitely more data than conventional measurement methods. Our 3D Metrology services provide in-depth, [read more...]
Model-Based Near Line Metrology Systems

Model-Based Near Line Metrology Systems

August 6, 2020
Pairing our RLU (Robot Load/Unload) system along with one of our SAAM (Stand Alone Automated Measurement) solutions brings advanced, high precision 3D industrial metrology capabilities to a variety of manufacturing processes. Our Model-Based Near Line Inspection System (NLIS) is a [read more...]
Industrial Stamped Clip 3D Form Inspection

Industrial Stamped Clip 3D Form Inspection

June 30, 2020
With our 3D Metrology services we’re able to offer our customers in-depth, non-contact measurements of almost any shape, size, and form. High-resolution 3D scans of piece parts allow for form measurement down to the µm scale. Profiles are cut across the [read more...]
Electronics - Full 3D form scan, difference measurement, STL output of molded component

Electronics – Full 3D Metrology Form Scan

May 19, 2020
Full 3D capture of part with high-resolution scans at multiple positions merged together to form the final dataset. The merged dataset is then overlaid to a CAD model, difference measurement is recorded, and an STL file is output. With our [read more...]