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Micro Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer precision micro-manufacturing capabilities that allow our customers to meet unique demands like aspect ratios of 38:1, features sizes as small as 40um, use of wire diameters of 20um, ISO13485, medical device standards, or another advanced development specification. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with experienced engineers, we manufacture the most intricate parts with flawless accuracy – whether you need a single prototype or 100,000 pieces. Whatever you need, we’re here to help make your micro manufacturing project a success. With 20 years of experience in micro and nano-manufacturing, we can take your project from concept to final production.

  • Aspect Ratios up to 38:1
  • Feature sizes as small as 40μm
  • Tolerances as low as 1 micron
  • Surface finishes to 4Ra micro inch
  • Surface roughness inspection
  • 3D part scan to 3D CAD model overlays with difference modeling

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We realize that in certain industries microns matter. This is why EDM Department specializes in tight tolerance work and offers a multitude of machining options to complete your micro manufacturing needs. Commonly, companies choose EDM to complete the following projects:

  • Mold and Die Components
  • Interconnect Components
  • Fiber Optic Components
  • Medical Components
  • Optical Lenses
  • Research & Development
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)
  • Nationally Ranked Universities
  • Research Labs through the country, ex: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

EDM strives to meet your needs. Through strategic partnerships with a vast array of qualified material suppliers, we manufacture using the materials you require, all while meeting strict standards. From Mold & Die Components to a components for the Medical and Interconnect Industries we’ve worked with the following materials:

  • Precision Tool Steels
  • Stainless Steels/CRES
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Molybdenum
  • Exotic Metals
  • Aerospace Aluminum 2014/6061/7075
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Performance Plastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermoset
  • Ceramics
  • Graphite

Who Is SLAC?

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is one of ten Department of Energy (DOE) offices of science laboratories and is operated by Stanford University. They’ve built the world’s longest particle accelerator, discovered some of the fundamental building blocks of matter and created the first website in North America.

What Did EDM Do?

Our company was able to utilize micro manufacturing capabilities to produce the necessary components for SLAC testing experiments. Specifically, copper and stainless steel structures were micro-manufactured to study the effect of “material on rf breakdown at short pulse, 100 GHz”-SLAC. EDM Department is capable of aspect ratios up to 38:1, feature sizes as small as 40μm and tolerances as low as 1 micron which, in this instance, allowed for extremely precise experiments and testing.

Case Study in Micro Manufacturing: EDM Department Collaborates with U.S. Department of Energy Particle Accelerator Lab

Case Study - SLAC - EDM Department Inc.

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Micro Manufacturing Capabilities

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