EDM Department Meets & Exceeds Changing Industry Standards

September 24, 2010

Mold Maker Magazine turned the spotlight on EDM Department Inc. as it pointed to the company’s ability to evolve in order to meet the ever increasing difficulty and complexity of industry demands. As the number of requests for micro and nano projects continues to rise within the manufacturing industry, companies like EDM search for the latest technology to help maintain their customers’ satisfaction.

To meet these challenging new standards, EDM Department Inc. combines technologies from several companies to create the newest and best for their customers. For example, EDM recently purchased Makino’s EDAC1. According to Mark Raleigh, CEO of EDM Department, Makino’s machine “creates precision accuracy with extraordinary repeatability”. EDM couples this innovative machine with the equally impressive Infinite Focus optical 3-D metrology system’s high-resolution capabilities and ability to create repeatable and traceable results. Mold Maker magazine points out that by combining these two technologies, “EDM Department has been able to achieve overall machine performance that continues to surpass expectations. They are now capable of producing speed, wear and surface finishes not found elsewhere, allowing for unbeatable repeatability, reproducibility and precision.”

The combination of all the latest technologies has placed EDM on the cutting edge of electrical discharge machining. Raleigh discusses the advances EDM has made as he compares elements fewer than 50 microns in size. He mentioned, ““In the past… elements below 50 microns were just not feasible. Now, with these two technologies, we have the ability to make, measure, and see elements well below 20 microns.” With such rapid and successful advancement in technology, there is no doubt that EDM department will one day say, “’Now accepting 1-micron tolerances.’”

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