Infinite Possibilities

September 24, 2010

EDM Department Inc. featured in Competitive Moldmaker Magazine

Makino’s Competitive Moldmaker Magazine has featured EDM Department Inc. in their October issue (Volume 16, Number 1)

“Mark Raleigh, CEO of EDM Department, started out with the vision of creating a company that would place equal investments on its technology, resources and customers.”

“By balancing our strengths, we have created a self-motivated environment, which is willing as well as ready to meet the challenges that tomorrow will bring,” says Raleigh.

“We operate under the premise of three business models in one. We have a research and development facility, production facility, and a turnkey solutions facility,” says Raleigh. “With this approach, each division benefits from the other, providing the availability of equal energy and resources for our customers and ensuring a competitive stance in the global market.”

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