CEO Mark Raleigh-Guest Presenter at Makino Conference

September 10, 2013

Mark Raleigh, founder and CEO of EDM Department Inc., was recently selected as one of six esteemed guest presenters at Makino’s Micromachining Conference. Makino, a world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, hosted the conference in Auburn Hills, MI on September 10, 2013. The marketing for the event included online articles promoting the guest presenters and promising attendees “a high level of exposure to the brightest minds in modern micromachining”.

The Makino conference also featured special guest Dr. William P. King and demonstrators: Jeff Bibee, Brad Etter, Fumi Hirajima, and Mike Schmidt- all of whom are judged as experts in the field. These individuals came from around the world and displayed backgrounds in areas ranging from implementation of manufacturing processes to micro tooling and metrology solutions. In addition to guest presenters, the conference included machine demonstrations and one-on-one consultations with manufacturers to help identify solutions for their unique manufacturing needs. According to Jake Smith, author of Makino Micromachining Conference Delivers Industry-Leading Perspectives and Ultra-Precision Technologies , the conference was essentially an opportunity to “showcase new developments in micro-manufacturing processes and equipment” and a chance for Raleigh, and other presenters “to address theoretical and applied research related to processes, systems and equipment for manufacture and metrology in association with the creation of components and systems with 3-D features and high relative accuracies”.

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