EDM Department Featured in Cutting Tools Engineering

October 9, 2013

EDM Department was recently featured in Cutting Tools Engineering magazine for the utilization of integrated measuring capability. The use of this technology has enabled EDM Department to be more responsive to customer needs and requests. Mark Raleigh, CEO of EDM, states, “The cellular concept allows us to manage our work more efficiently and take advantage of little windows of production opportunity. Sometimes, we can knock some time off the job by burning more aggressively and then maybe squeeze in a new job”. This ability to ‘squeeze in a new job’ means customer orders can be expedited in order to meet demands of the industry.

The implementation of integrated measuring capability has allowed EDM Department to become increasingly dynamic and with the dynamistic nature of the industry, this is a substantial advantage. Raleigh reasons, “Manufacturing is dynamic in nature. You can plan all you want, but oftentimes you end up executing far differently because the information has evolved. The ability to dynamically measure wear and overburn and then feed this information to a cell controller means you can be more flexible, more efficient and, therefore, more profitable”. Additionally, this technology has allowed EDM Department to conquer the demands of short lead times and small lot sizes as well as be proactive, as opposed to reactive, during production. All these increased capabilities essentially mean two things, satisfaction for customers and profitability for the company.

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