CLM Machine for Conservation and Maximization of Resources

November 11, 2014

Medical Design Technology Magazine recently featured EDM Department’s COO Walter Zic as he answered the question: “The mantra of today’s medical device development environment is to “cut costs.” What is your suggestion to help achieve this goal?”

“I believe the solution to cutting costs in the development of medical devices lies within the technology of CLM (closed loop manufacturing). Traditional measurement procedures can be both elaborate and error-prone as they necessitate constant clamping and unclamping. Dissimilar to these traditional procedures, the CLM machine does not require measurements to be performed separately from the machine; rather, components are measured optically in situ. The CLM machine corresponds to a specific measured value and if it does not match the desired geometry, the machine adjusts and automatically modifies itself to correct the process or parameters before further production. Measurement of form, position, and surface finish ensure adherence to various tolerances before starting the next production step. Because errors are corrected before they ever occur, the traditionally discarded defective parts avoid production all together, which in turn, saves money and resources. The ability to measure without the need to clamp the components off and on again saves time, increases accuracy four-fold, and eliminates clamping errors. Essentially, CLM allows for conservation and maximization of resources, an increase in yield in a shorter time frame and elimination of traditional errors. All these benefits allow manufacturers, specifically in medical device development, to reduce costs.”

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