EDM Signs BPA with NASA

January 13, 2015

EDM Department is pleased to announce the signing of a blanket procurement agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA). With a long standing relationship having begun back in 2008, EDM has worked with The AEDC White Oak, home of the Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel No. 9, on various occasions and projects. One of the most successful and widely publicized projects was featured by the Ground Testing Technical Committee in the 7th volume 9th edition newsletter. ( In summary, Tunnel 9 engineers partnered with EDM Department to develop a new technique for machining roughness elements directly into metal models. This resulted in complex roughness geometries being machined with extreme accuracy & quality while maintaining efficiency. Stemming from the immense success of this project and others with similar challenges, EDM is highly optimistic about future endeavors with NASA and believes with this new & fully executed BPA truly the “sky’s the limit”.