College of DuPage Manufacturing Technology Program Collaboration

April 19, 2021
College of DuPage Manufacturing Technology Program Collaboration

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CHICAGO, IL April 19th, 2021 — EDM INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS is pleased to announce their collaboration with the  COLLEGE OF DUPAGE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM to provide their students with real-world perspectives on modern 3D Metrology in the manufacturing industry today. EDMIS recently participated in a Quality Control course to offer equipment demonstrations and examples of how its modern 3D Metrology Systems are being used by customers around the world to improve manufacturing productivity. 

As a leading manufacturer and integrator with 25 years of industry experience, EDM INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS provides a  unique level of manufacturing and industrial 3D metrology expertise to OEM and research and development customers within the major Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Defense, Medical, and Scientific industries.

EDM INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS (EDMIS) recently participated in a lesson related to 3D Metrology for the Manufacturing  Technology Quality Control course (MANUF 1180) at College of DuPage, a community college located near the EDMIS  facility in DuPage County, Illinois. In the lesson Adjunct Faculty member Mark Godish and EDMIS Operations Manager Kevin Levy, discuss the current state of modern 3D metrology within the overall manufacturing industry as well as the automated 3D Metrology Systems and services that EDMIS provides to manufacturers throughout major industries. 

Featured in the lesson are the Mvi5 3D Metrology Center and RSH-M10 Robotic Metrology System from EDM Intelligent  Solutions, both of which utilize industry proven components to offer the reliability and long-life performance that users in the Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Medical, Plastics, and Semiconductor Technology industries have come to trust. Advanced 3D metrology sensors featuring high-speed measurements and high resolutions allow the  MVi5 and RSH-M10 to measure form, distance, height, surface roughness, true position, scan vs. CAD model differences and scan vs. scan differences, all in rugged multi-sensor platforms that are ready to be installed directly on manufacturing production floors. 

To illustrate the ever-growing ease of use that modern 3D metrology systems feature, the user-friendly, menu-based programming interface found in the Foundation Programming Environment from EDMIS was demonstrated for the class at COD. Customized 3D model-based measurement and inspection programs are automatically generated off the 3D  solid model design of the part to be inspected. Offline measurement and inspection programming is also offered through integration with various CAD/CAM software packages that are familiar to the students. Operation of the 3D  Metrology Systems from EDMIS is quick and simple via the EDMISi human-machine interface that features touch screen optimization that students are coming to expect from any modern piece of equipment. 

The automated inspection systems from EDM INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS offer novel solutions to some of the most demanding industrial metrology and measurement tasks that students in the Manufacturing Technology program at  College of DuPage will face in their manufacturing careers. The opportunity to demonstrate modern 3D metrology equipment and techniques to individuals that are in the process of becoming the future of the Manufacturing Industry within the United States gives these students unique insight into the functionality of the advanced 3D metrology equipment that will be utilized at the companies that they will one day become a part of. 

To view the virtual lesson presented by COD and EDMIS, click here: Intro to Modern 3D Metrology | EDM Intelligent  Solutions (YouTube Channel)


EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) combines state-of-the-art automation, measurement, and manufacturing technologies, along with 25 years of industry experience, to provide our customers with multi-dimensional automation solutions that fit their custom needs. We specialize in machine tool manufacturing intelligence software, in-line and near-line industrial 3D metrology and inspection, robotic machine tending and pick and place systems, and solutions for automated manufacturing and quality monitoring of production processes, all while accommodating the tight tolerances that are required for these high precision processes. Our full range of standard and custom modern measuring systems allow us to quickly fulfill the intelligent automation and industrial measurement requirements across the Aerospace,  automotive, communications, defense, medical, and scientific industries. 

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The Manufacturing Technology program provides training in a wide variety of skill areas of product manufacturing and services. The four options for degrees in the program include Automated Manufacturing Systems, Drafting and Design,  Manufacturing Technology, and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. 

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