3D Metrology Services: Dark Colored Quartz Countertop Surface Roughness Inspection

At EDM Intelligent Solutions, our high-resolution 3D metrology systems allow us to provide our customers with quick and accurate surface roughness measurements of their products. Surface roughness measurement quantifies the frequency of peaks and valleys in the base material of a surface. Our 3D Metrology Services team offers our customers in-depth and non-contact measurements of almost any shape, size, and form. 

An example of a Surface Roughness Measurement using 3D profiles to extract roughness data from a dark colored quartz countertop sample is shown below. 

Application Details

  • Component – Dark Colored Quartz Countertop Sample
  • Material – Quartz
  • Metrology Services
    • Surface Roughness Measurement

Capture Data on Unpolished Dark Quartz Surface


Extract and Analyze Critical Data for Unpolished Dark Quartz

Unpolished Dark Quartz Ra: 289.189 µinch


Capture Data on Polished Dark Quartz Surface


Extract and Analyze Critical Data for Polished Dark Quartz

Polished Dark Quartz Ra: 19.7450 µinch


Results Summary

Dark Quartz Sample Average Surface Roughness Results Summary

Dark Quartz Surface Finish Type Measured Ra [µinch] 
Unpolished 289.189
Polished 19.7450


Intelligent solutions to manufacturing and measurement challenges are what we do. Over the past 25 years, we’ve completed thousands of measurement and metrology projects. What differentiates EDM Intelligent Solutions 3D Metrology services from the competition is our unique understanding of each manufacturing process.

The EDMIS metrology technicians and applications engineers support their colleagues in our tight tolerance CNC machine shop that produces ultra-precision components for customers every day. Harnessing this unique relationship with manufacturing, our metrology team has the experience needed to fully assist our customers leverage the measurements taken of their components to improve their manufacturing processes.

We are confident that we can measure your most challenging components and work with you to fully understand what those measurements tell you about them. To learn more about how EDMIS can help you, contact our metrology team with your request for quote.