EDM Manufacturing of Medical Screws

EDM offers performance advantages in production of  medical screws, such as cortical, cancellous, lag bone, and transfixation that are used to secure implants in the body and accurately position devices used during surgical procedures.

Typically, the screws that remain in the body following a surgical procedure, bone screws, are made from either titanium or cobalt chrome, while screws only used during the surgical process are made from stainless steel. The screw’s driving feature, the internal shape of the screw head including hex, hexalobular (Torx), squares, and many customer-specified shapes is where EDM proves its flexibility and advantages in comparison to traditional processes.

EDM Advantages

EDM Manufacturing of Medical Screws

Screws are burr-free, chip free, accurate, consistent, structurally sound, and economically producible in short turnaround times. The screws are produced in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

EDM can offer any shaped driving feature such as a three-dimensional side-wall shape with tapers and non-perpendicular side walls. It can also make the base of the screw-driving feature any three-dimensional contour or shape and can even produce a multi-step feature if required.

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