3D Metrology Services – Automotive – Gear Inspection

Our 3D Metrology Services verify geometric dimensions and surface characteristics on gears of all shapes, sizes, and materials using 3D scanning and measurement technologies. Whether the entire gear profile needs to be measured around the full 360°, or only a single gear tooth inspection is needed, we can extract 3D form measurement profiles to inspect gear dimensions including pressure angle, pitch, inside diameter, outside diameter, and many more. To characterize the gear surfaces, our 3D optical inspection technology can analyze both profile (Ra) and area (Sa) based surface finish, and identify surface defects.

Below is an example of the inspection of a pinion gear. The gear inspection and 3D measurements of this component were completed using our RSH-M10 Robotic 3D Metrology System.



  • Component – Pinion Gear
  • Material – Hardened Steel
  • Metrology Services:
    • Form Measurement

Full 360° 3D Form Measurement

High precision rotation devices combined with 3D scan sensor technology allows for capture of full 360° 3D scans. Form measurement can then be extracted from these 3D piece part scans for inspection of even the most complex geometries.

Full 360° 3D scans containing millions of data points are captured of the piece part to be inspected
A profile is “cut” across the 360° 3D scan data to select 3D points that are used for form measurements
Various form measurements are recorded, radii, diameters, pressure angles, pitch, tooth widths, etc…

3D Profile Form Measurement

High resolution 3D scans of piece parts allow for form measurement down to the µm scale. Profiles are cut across the 3D part scan data set and those included points are used to gather various form measurements including radii, angles, slot width, height step, etc…

High resolution 3D point cloud scan of gear tooth

Height step measurement of gear tooth 3D point cloud data

Radius measurement of gear tooth 3D point cloud

Angle measurement of gear tooth 3D point cloud