RSH-M10 Robotic 3D Metrology Inspection System – Automatic Inspection Routine Programming

April 24, 2019

EDM Intelligent Solutions has developed a flexible, easy to use, automated solution for 3D inspection and industrial metrology. The RSH-M10 inspection system features a six-axis robot with fully integrated 3D measurement sensors and precision workholding devices.

Ease of use is paramount when it comes to utilizing any piece of technology in a production environment. The need for complex hands-on programming of the inspection equipment has been eliminated through the use of the Foundation Programming Environment from EDM Intelligent Solutions. Using this software, any user can rapidly develop customized inspection programs utilizing the same solid model that is being used to manufacture a part.

To create a foundation inspection program, the user simply selects the preferred fixturing to be used along with the solid model of the part to be inspected, all from a user-friendly menu-driven interface. With a click of the mouse, the Foundation Programming Environment from EDM Intelligent Solutions instantly determines the optimal inspection paths available to capture the workpiece using the RSH inspection system’s integrated 3D measurement sensors.

The user then selects which inspection paths they would like to use, create, and run the inspection routine in a few simple clicks.

Upon completion of the inspection routine, the captured 3D datasets are displayed to the user and automatically compared to the parts GD&T requirements for completion of inspection reports and pass/fail output to the operator.

The RSH-M10 inspection cell from EDM Intelligent Solutions offers users a simple and intuitive solution to their 3D inspection and industrial metrology needs.

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