3D Metrology Form Measurement

December 24, 2019
3D Metrology Form Measurement

With our 3D Metrology services we’re able to offer our customers in-depth, non-contact measurements of almost any shape, size, and form. Using high-resolution 3D scanning technologies, verification of various dimensions of features within piece parts is quick and easily repeated amongst high quantities of parts. We provide these services for a diverse set of industries including aerospace, automotive and mold tool and die.

3D Profile Form Measurement takes high-resolution 3D scans of piece parts to allow for form measurement down to the µm scale. Profiles are cut across the 3D part scan data set and those included points are used to gather various form measurements including radii, angles, slot width, height step, etc. Then these 3D scans containing millions of data points are captured of the piece part to be inspected. A profile is “cut” across the 3D scan data to select 3D points that are used for form measurements and various form measurements are recorded such as radii, height steps, angles, slot widths, and more.

Our Full 360° 3D Form Measurement technology uses high precision rotation devices combined with 3D scan sensor technology that allows for the capture of full 360° 3D scans. Form measurement can then be extracted from these 3D piece part scans for inspection of even the most complex geometries.

Regardless of the shape, size, or form, our 3D Metrology Form Measurement technology can provide the precise measurements you need. Visit our 3D Metrology Form Measurement page to learn more, or contact us today.


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