Fine Hole EDM Drilling

Micro Diameter Holes with High Precision and Superior Edge Quality

EDM drilling of blind and through holes is another area where EDM Department Inc. excels in terms of capabilities offered to our customers. Our purpose-built CNC operated EDM fine hole drilling machines can produce holes as small as 30 microns (0.001”) in some of the toughest conductive materials available. High precision hole sizes, excellent hole edge quality and surface finish, improved overall part accuracy and consistency is achieved through the use of cutting edge EDM generator technologies and electrode materials.

Typical projects that are completed through the use of fine hole EDM drilling are components for fuel injectors, cooling holes in turbine engine blades, vent holes in micro molds, micro ejector holes in hardened punches, coolant holes in micro cutting tools, fiber optics, miniature and micro connectors, medical and surgical instruments, micro gears and micro plastic injection molding.