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3D Metrology Services for
Quality Assurance, Difference Modeling & Surface Finish Analysis

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What do Customers Use our 3D Metrology Service For?

EDM Department's Optical 3D Metrology equipment gives our customers in-depth, non-contact metrology measurements of almost any shape, size and form. We also offer surface roughness inspection as well as 3D part scan to 3D CAD model overlays with difference modeling. Let EDM Department verify that every dimension on your part is within tolerance and specification with a simple, non-destructive, non-contact optical 3D part scan completed using variable focus technology.

Quality Assurance

  • Verify every dimension on your part is within tolerance
  • Measure surface form and roughness 

Part Scan to 3D CAD model

  • Reverse engineering
  • Original CAD model is insufficient and cannot support modifications or current manufacturing methods 
  • Explore new avenues to improve product performance and features
  • Original models and prints are lost or non-existant 

Difference Modeling

  • Compare physical piece part to design
  • Verify consistancy accross production parts
  • Confirm manufacturability of engineer's design

With the ability to access 100 million measurements on your most intricate part, we can verify your part and ensure that all services EDM performs are accurate and match your prints and tolerances. EDM is committed to quality and our 3D metrology equipment allows us to easily quantify and prove that. Companies interested in our 3D Metrology services often also explore our Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and micro milling services as well. View all our capabilities:

  • 100 million measurements 
  • In-Depth, Non-Contact metrology services
  • Almost any shape, size and form
  • Surface Roughness Inspection
  • 3D part scan to 3D overlays with difference modeling
  • Incline Capable
  • High vertical resolution
  • Dynamic Measurements of Steep Sided Flanks
  • Excellent performance on very rough surfaces
  • Robust handling of very reflective geometries

Mold Tool & Die Industry

  • Measure radii, angles, and roughness of cutting edges
  • Form deviations from target geometries
  • Surface roughness of cutting edge
  • measure and quantify wear
  • Measure edge parameters
  • Ex: clearance, wedge & chip angle

Micro Manufacturing

  • Full form measurement of drills, mills and tap tools
  • Measure micro machining tools & results

Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Measure roughness of tooth implants (even at the root of the thread)
  • Measure artificial joints
  • Verify authenticity of tablets
  • Measure cutting edges of surgical instruments ex: bone drills
  • Tooth Wear analysis


  • Measure turbine blade cooling holes

Material Sciences

  • Measure gear drive geometries
  • Optimize Friction, wear and lubrication in the automotive industry

Paper & Print

  • Establish correlation between smooth and printability
  • Measure paper’s topography
  • Evaluate measures for increasing paper’s smoothness
  • Quick and easy analysis of poor printing results
  • Measure platens

Micro Die-casting & Polymers

  • Measure injection mold and injection molding components
  • Define geometry, form and orientation
  • Measure plastic films for vehicles interiors

Additional Applications

  • Identify weapons by measuring tool traces
  • Verify authenticity of paintings
  • Forensic medicine
  • Explosives
  • Document Analysis

What Materials Can We Scan?

  • Almost Any Material!
    • Plastics
    • Ceramics
    • Fabrics and Fibers
    • Bone
    • Virtually any Opaque Material

3D Measurement and Metrology of Plastic Injection Mold Inserts

EDM Department Inc. utilizes optical 3D Metrology equipment and our customized software user interface to inspect and document precision plastic injection mold tooling inserts and components that we manufacture.

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3D Measurement and Metrology of Turbine Blade Cooling Holes

EDM Department Inc. utilizes optical 3D Metrology equipment and our customized software user interface to inspect and document shaped cooling holes in turbine blades used for aviation and power generation.

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