Optical Component Manufacturing Capabilities

Optical Component Manufacturing Capabilities

April 7, 2020
Strong supplier relationships have helped us in our growth as a company to also expand our capabilities and offer manufacturing of components for optical instrumentation and metrology devices. Please see our library of applications for more info. At EDM Department, [read more...]
What is Laser Ablation?

What is Laser Ablation?

February 18, 2020
Laser Ablation is a flexible process for micro-fabrication where the base material is removed layer by layer using an intense laser beam. The scanning pattern of the laser machining process can be varied for each layer throughout the depth of [read more...]
Now Hiring - CNC EDM Machinist/Programmer

Now Hiring – CNC EDM Machinist/Programmer

January 6, 2020
EDM Department Inc. is a manufacturing firm renowned for precision EDM machining and engineering capabilities. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process produces high-quality products with tolerances as tight as 0.00004″ (1 micron), almost 50X smaller than the width of the human [read more...]
Happy Holidays from EDM Department Inc

Happy Holidays from EDM Department Inc.

December 17, 2019
From our entire staff at EDM Department Inc., we would like to wish you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness. We are grateful for our loyal customers and look forward to continued growth [read more...]
Precision Grinding Services

Precision Grinding Services

November 29, 2019
Over the years we’ve done thousands of projects that required grinding and micro-grinding. With over  20 years in the industry, we are confident we can produce your next project to your exact specifications while maintaining globally competitive pricing and lead [read more...]