August 6, 2019
Turbine Engine Fast Hole EDM Drilling

EDM Manufacturing Intelligence and Advanced Metrology Expertise Creates High-Quality Cooling Holes

EDM Department offers advanced capabilities for EDM drilling of cooling holes in various Aero-Engine and Gas Turbine Engine components. 5-axis high speed, fast-hole drilling machines matched with customized advanced metrology equipment gives us the ability to drill high quality shaped, round and straight cooling holes for our customers.

Demand for increasingly complex-shaped cooling holes with tighter tolerances and accuracies has risen due to improved engine performance levels and efficiencies required in the new generation of aero-engines and land-based gas turbine engines (IGT). We offer a unique combination of EDM manufacturing intelligence and metrology to create straight holes and shaped holes with diffuser shapes that blend seamlessly into the complex 3D shape of the blade and vane components, all in a single EDM process.

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