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Automotive Component Part Manufacturing

Automotive Component Part Manufacturing

October 13, 2020
EDM Department offers manufacturing services, automated industrial metrology equipment and 3D metrology services for numerous automotive applications and components found in various automotive assemblies. COMMON AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS Engine Components Valve Seats Valve Bodies Camshafts Crankshafts Cylinder Heads Engine Block Castings Transmission Components Transmission Gears – [read more...]
Electronics - Full 3D form scan, difference measurement, STL output of molded component

Electronics – Full 3D Metrology Form Scan

May 19, 2020
Full 3D capture of part with high-resolution scans at multiple positions merged together to form the final dataset. The merged dataset is then overlaid to a CAD model, difference measurement is recorded, and an STL file is output. With our [read more...]
Shaped Cooling Hole Manufacturing

Shaped Cooling Hole Manufacturing

January 14, 2020
The manufacturing of EDM Departments turbine blades and shaped cooling holes comes through 25 years of research and experience. We are committed to quality and ensure cost and lead-time are balanced in accordance with customers’ individual needs and requirements. EDM [read more...]
High Quality Machined 3D Prototyping with EDM & Milling

High Quality Machined 3D Prototyping with EDM & Milling

November 1, 2019
At EDM Department, we utilize flexible manufacturing processes that allow us to meet the various price, precision and delivery requirements for each individual customer. From development and 3D modeling to 3D inspection, verification, and production, EDM Department is your ideal [read more...]
Machine Tending Systems

Machine Tending Systems

September 6, 2019
Our machine tending systems from EDM Intelligent Solutions are the perfect way to easily increase the effectiveness of your existing machining centers. Using a 6-axis robotics system, each one of our machine tending systems makes it easy to achieve peak efficiency by [read more...]
Custom Medical Devices, Tools & Components

Custom Medical Devices, Tools and Components

August 30, 2019
As a company committed to quality, we work alongside the leading medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the country to engineer, develop and manufacture some of the most cutting-edge products within the industry. Over the past 20 years, we’ve produced hundreds [read more...]
Turbine Engine Fast Hole EDM Drilling


August 6, 2019
EDM Manufacturing Intelligence and Advanced Metrology Expertise Creates High-Quality Cooling Holes EDM Department offers advanced capabilities for EDM drilling of cooling holes in various Aero-Engine and Gas Turbine Engine components. 5-axis high speed, fast-hole drilling machines matched with customized advanced metrology equipment [read more...]


July 19, 2019
As the spread of 3D printing and other additive manufacturing processes grows, the need for tailored measurement and inspection systems is rising. Our automated and robotic metrology systems are well suited for inspection of almost any shape that can be [read more...]