3D Metrology – Difference Measurement

October 4, 2019
3D Metrology Difference Measurement

Our 3D Metrology solutions utilize automated comparisons of high-resolution 3D part scans against the original CAD model, as well as additional 3D scanning services for quick and accurate difference measurements. We use 3D scans containing millions of data points to capture the piece part to be inspected and overlay it on top of the CAD model using advanced difference algorithms to compare millions of data points for differences. The difference results are output and displayed in an easy to understand pseudo color model showing the amount of difference in various units of measure (thousandths, microns, etc…).

Our high precision rotation devices combined with 3D scan sensor technology allow for the capture of full 360° 3D scans. These 3D piece part scans can then be compared against the ideal CAD models or other 3D scans to inspect even the most complex geometries.

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