3D Industrial Robotic Metrology Solutions

March 10, 2020
3D Industrial Robotic Metrology Systems

EDM Intelligent Solutions combines industrial-grade robotic automation with advanced 3D scanning sensors and manufacturing intelligence to create robotic sensor head (RSH) inspection systems for use in numerous industrial metrology applications including dimensional measurement, surface finish inspection on complex geometry and pass/fail inspection.

Utilizing a FANUC 6-axis collaborative robot, along with advanced, high-resolution 3D scanning sensors, RSH-CR7 and RSH-M10 robotic metrology systems from EDM Intelligent Solutions are well suited to effectively monitor the quality of your production throughout the entire manufacturing process.



  • Intuitive user interface with administrator, engineer, and operator modules
  • Ability to set up a measurement once and run many times in a production environment
  • Adaptable to measure parts of varying size; small to large
  • Automatically measures specified dimensions and generates a pass/fail report
  • In-process measurement capability

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