Accelerator Structure Components Example

October 6, 2020
Manufacturing and 3D Metrology - Accelerator Structure Components

At EDM Department we offer tight tolerance micro manufacturing with EDM and precision milling. We realize that in certain industries microns matter. This is why EDM Department specializes in tight tolerance work and offers a multitude of machining options to complete your micro manufacturing needs. Through strategic partnerships with a vast array of qualified material suppliers, we manufacture using the materials you require, all while meeting strict standards.

We offer precision micro-manufacturing capabilities that allow our customers to meet unique demands like aspect ratios of 38:1, features sizes as small as 40um, use of wire diameters of 20um, ISO13485, medical device standards, or another advanced development specification. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with experienced engineers, we manufacture the most intricate parts with flawless accuracy – whether you need a single prototype or 100,000 pieces. Whatever you need, we’re here to help make your micro-manufacturing project a success. With 20 years of experience in micro and nano-manufacturing, we can take your project from concept to final production.

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